APR 13 2024

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APR 12 2024

Capital Market Authority Laws

Article (6)

The CMA shall assume the following to execute the provisions of this law

  • Examine, audit and impound paper or electronic documents, records and registers, in accordance with the provisions of this law.
  • Create electronic link between the CMA and the regulated entities.
  • Oblige the regulated entities to provide CMA with any information or statements or reports as set out in the Regulation.
  • Conduct necessary investigations in the event of violation of the provisions of this law and the regulations, or the decisions and instructions issued thereunder or a violation of the provisions of securities laws outside the Sultanate of Oman based on request by a person in the Sultanate Oman or outside, and take the required action against the violators.
  • Oblige the regulated entities to adopt best international practices and standards in organizing their businesses in the securities industry.
  • Protect the consumers dealing with the regulated entities by adopting a code of professional conduct, self-regulation, discipline in carrying out the activities of such entities, and the mechanism of receiving consumers’ complaints, whistleblowing and redress.
  • Agreeing to application of technologies, virtual digital investments or any products or services in the areas related to the provisions of this law, as set out in the Regulation.
  • Call for and obtain any information or statements or documents from entities in the Sultanate Oman or outside, related to an investigation or examination carried out by the CMA or other entities or individuals.
Article (7)

CMA may exchange the results of investigations in violations and information and statements resulting from exercising its powers with competent entities or counterparties, domestic or foreign regulators, as set out in the Regulation.

Article (8)

Any interested person may request CMA to access the documents, records and minutes related to the regulated entities and obtain official statements or copies as per the applicable rules and procedures, for consideration of fees specified in the Regulation. CMA may decline the request if dissemination of the required statement or copy may be detrimental to the regulated entities or prejudices the public interest or the interests of investors. Such decisions shall be communicated with the underlying reasons.

Article (9)

The CMA, while exercising its powers in any matter related to securities and related services and products, must aim to ensure that,

  • The level of competitiveness and innovation among the providers of securities market products and services are enhanced, and the access for consumers to such products and services on neutral terms are facilitated and promoted.
  • The cost of any obligations imposed by the CMA on the regulated entities must be commensurate with the benefits that shall accrue to the consumers.
  • The interests of the regulated persons are aligned to the gain of their consumers.